3 Degrees - Left Unsaid (1999) (Full Album)

3 Degrees - Left Unsaid (1999) (Full Album)

3 Degrees / Left Unsaid were a Skatepunk band from Albuquerque, New Mexico.


The band began playing local shows under the name 3 Degrees when they signed to local label Socyermom and released their debut album "Left Unsaid" in 1999. The next year the band dropped the name 3 Degrees, changed it to Left Unsaid and re-released their debut on B.I.E. Records under the new title "3 Degrees Lost". The band then released a 4 song EP titled "Eleven" on their own in 2000.   The band eventually adopted a slower, poppier sound and released another CD titled "The Curse" in 2003 becoming inactive shortly after.


  • 3 Degrees - Left Unsaid CD (Socyermom, 1999)
  • Left Unsaid - 3 Degrees Lost CD (B.I.E. Records re-release, 2000 -- recording, tracklist, and artwork are identical to the original. Different colored disc)
  • Left Unsaid - The Curse CD (Socyermom, 2003)
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