Anchors For Arms (formerly Allstar Otis) was a band from Randolph, New Jersey, USA.


The band's sound began as skatepunk, demonstrated on their full-length debut, "Listen. React."

Following the release of the album, Anchors For Arms created a music video for the song "C'mon, Let's Go Break Their Arms." This became one of their most (relatively) well-known songs. The video can be found here, on Youtube.

They continued to play shows throughout the USA, especially on the East Coast, as their sound transitioned to a more post-hardcore rock sound and moved away from skatepunk. The newer sound drives their second album, "Remember Why You Came This Far."

After releasing only two albums, the band called it quits in 2010 with a simple Facebook post: "thanks for all the kind word's but it looks as if our fire has burned out. thanks for all the good times, we appreciate all your support!".


  • Ryan Lawless - Vocals, Bass
  • Kenny Donovan - Guitar, Vocals
  • Chris Sanders - Guitar
  • Matt Valenzuela - Drums



  • 2005 - Angst Into Energy (as Allstar Otis; Independent)


  • 2007 - Listen. React (Lobster Records)
  • 2009 - Remember Why You Came This Far (Independent)



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