Booze Cruise is a relatively new skatepunk band from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada.


"Straight from the shores of... Yellowknife, NWT?!" is how the band begins their own introduction, reminding the viewer of exactly how unusual it is for a band to hail from the frozen territories of Canada. However, despite forming in a remote, frozen town known mostly for its permafrost, Booze Cruise has added themselves to the Skatepunk world with their debut release, "Moose Stuff".

"Moose Stuff" was released on an independent run. It was recorded in 12 days in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Casey Lewis (This Is A Standoff, etc) produced the album.

Booze Cruise's style uses many of the traditional elements of skatepunk (like fast tempos and vocal harmonies) coupled with portions of pop-punk and thrash.

Plans have been made for a tour to support their debut album. Booze Cruise also recently announced that they have signed with Bells On Records.


  • Matt Maracle - Bass
  • Shawn Taggart - Vocals, Guitar
  • Jordan Straker - Drums
  • Kurt Anderson - Guitar



  • 2011 - Moose Stuff (Independent)



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