Crettins Puddle were a melodic skate punk band from Melbourne Australia. They were in a similar vein to Burning Heart or Epitaph bands, but have their own unique sound due to their wide array of musical influences, which include 80's pop, 60's harmony bands, (like the Beatles etc...), Australian melodic bands like Nursery Crimes, and Techno (Luke, lead singer - doubles also as a DJ and mixes cool Acid, Goa, Happy Hardcore and Trance tunes.)


Formed in the early 90's, in 1996 had Crettins Puddle played with both national Bodyjar/Frenzal Rhomb and international No Fun At All/Millencolin supports. One year later, they played some big shows for the guys with a main support with Magic Dirt, plus gigs with SNFU (Canada) H20 (New York City) and No Fun At All.

Luke and Matt were recently at Channel 9 on stage with Larry Emdur as "...the first ever punk band on the Price is Right...", where they were promised Price is Right T-Shirts as an appearance fee, but instead only won a Simon Gallahar CD, which went directly to Cash Converters. The show was aired on the 24th of Feb. '97.

The band have a special coloured 7" single called "Planet e" through Care Factor Records. B-Sides include Kermit the Frogs "Rainbow Connection" and "Everlasting Gobstoppa".

The guys have also recorded their debut self-titled CD, and this was out on Smashed Records. This album has a cover of the much talked about eighties classic "Electric Dreams", done a la Crettins.


  • Luke Mocnay — Vocals/Guitar
  • Matt Ridgway — Drums
  • Craig Gritton — Guitar
  • Matt Hargrave — Bass/Vocals



  • 1997 — Self-Titled


  • 199x —Planet-E