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Ed's Diner is the second Album released by the Swedish Skatepunk band Stoned . It was released in 1997 by Ampersand Records as a CD.The Album is out of print.


  1. Dinner At Ed's [2:24]
  2. King Of the Air [2:07]
  3. Shopping Around [2:25]
  4. Nothing [1:55]
  5. This One's For Chuck [2:36]
  6. Fried Eggs [1:18]
  7. Anti-Static [2:25]
  8. Peacful Palace [2:43]
  9. Supermarket Girlfriend [2:32]
  10. Magic Plan [2:44]
  11. Homecoming Queen [3:27]
  12. The Only One [3:20]

total running time: 29:49

All Songs were written by Bosse except Fried Eggs by Magnus

All Lyrics were written by Magnus except King of the Air,Ant-Static,Peacful Palace,Magic Plan and The Only One by Bosse and Nothing by Zenga

Recording and productionEdit

Recording and Mixed at Traxton Recordings in early 1997.Mastered at Cutting Room.Addition Recordings done at Evil Bertil


Producer Stoned
Arranged Stoned
Sound Engineers
  • Per Granberg
  • Christian Edgren
Mastered Björn Engelmann
Cover Photographer Magnus
  • Magnus
  • Unknown Assilants

Musical StyleEdit

This is the first Stoned Album that features only One Ska Song(The Only One).They started to play more Skate-Punk.