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Fantasy Trip is the second E.P. released by the Swedish Skatepunk band Stoned . It was released in 1995 by Ampersand Records as a CD. Today, the EP is out of print


  1. Fantasy Trip [1:58]
  2. Ska Song [2:06]
  3. Loony Bin [1:49]
  4. Runaway [1:58]
  5. Buckaroonies [1:27]

Total Running Time: 09:20

All Songs were written by Bosse. All lyrics were written by Magnus except Runaway which was written by Del Shannon.

Recording and productionEdit

Recording took place at RMS-Studios in March 1995. Mastered at Tonteknik

Musical Style

On this E.P. Stoned plays a mix of Ska-Punk and Punk Rock