Freak-Ed - Finland

Freak-Ed was a melodic punk / skatepunk band from Koivukylä, Finland.


Everything started in 1993 in Vantaa, Finland when 4 guys start to play some kind of melodic punk rock. In 1994 a fifth member join the band. This new member is Nora and she will add some female vocals to the songs which is pretty rare in the skatepunk genre. This is in 1995 that the band get signed to Spinefarm Records (a Metal label) and release their first EP. They will then start to make tours around Finland and they will release their full lenght Cantores Majores in 1997 on Spinefarm again. They will then have some lineup changes and this will change their music a bit. Then, after 1997 they will release 2 more CDs (1 EP and a full lenght), under their own label Red Five Records. I unfortunately don't know what happened after their last release in 2001, but the band seems inactive, if not dead.


  • Toni Kimpimäki - Vocal, Guitar
  • Ykä Järvinen - Bass
  • Pauli Rajajoki - Guitar
  • Antti Kokki - Drums
  • Noora Nyyssönen - Vocal


  • Juho Liesmäki - Bass
  • Tom Vahtera - Guitar
  • Toni Leppänen - Drums
  • Janne - Guitar
  • Wepu - Drums



  • 1994 - That Day That Swept Us Away


  • 1994 - Don't Say What They Say, Don't Be What They Are (Self-released)
  • 1995 - To Be Your Friend (CDEP)
  • 1999 - Let's Rock Together (CDEP)


  • 1997 - Cantores Majores (Spinefarm Records)
  • 2001 - Fortress Of Fear (Red5Records)


  • 1998 - Finnapalooza
Song: Reach The End
  • 1999 - Jäähyväiset Aseille 2
Songs: Vegan Police, The Band Is Back In Town


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