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From Left To Righ is the second Album released by the Swedish Skatepunk band Adhesive. It was released in 1998 by Ampersand Records as a CD. It was also released by Locomotive Records. Today, this CD is out of print.


  1. All In The Name Of Progress [1:46]
  2. Prefab Life [1:49]
  3. Doubtful [1:31]
  4. It's Not About Me [1:48]
  5. Your Morality Is Broken [1:13]
  6. Phone In Sick [1:50]
  7. Character Builder [1:43]
  8. Your World Of Noones [2:17]
  9. Silence Itself is a Form Of Opression [1:39]
  10. How Am I Supposed To Envy You? [2:35]
  11. Dividing Lines [1:46]
  12. Accident Waiting To Happen [2:56]
  13. A Job For Real Men [1:27]
  14. Punk Is More Than A Bunch Of Kids With Funny Haircuts [1:15]

total running time: 25:51

All songs and lyrics were written by Adhesive except Accident Waiting To Happen by Billy Bragg

Recording and productionEdit

Recording took place at Studio Underground in Västerås, Sweden in Ausgust and Semptember 1997.


Producer Adhesive
Co-Producer Pelle Saether
Sound Engineers
  • Pelle Saether
Mixing Pelle Saether


Tomas Ferngren
  • Robert Samsonowitz

Musical StyleEdit

On this Album,Adhesive played more Aggressive and more Hardcore Sound.