Hatrick - The Place You Call Home (1999) (Full Album)

Hatrick - The Place You Call Home (1999) (Full Album)

Hatrick were a skatepunk band from Jacksonville, Florida active from roughly 1996 to 2005.


Hatrick began in '96/'97 as part of the burgeoning Florida Skatepunk scene. After recording a nine-song demo, they signed to local label Takeover Records where they released their only full-length album The Place You Call Home in 1999. That album has been long out of print and is now highly sought after in the Skatepunk collector community. Three years later and after some lineup changes, Hatrick independently released a CD-EP titled Don't Worry About It in 2002 and another three-song demo in 2005. The band split soon after, with two members forming Whaleface a few years later.


  • Nine-song demo (1998)
  • Three-song demo (2005)
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