Ampersand Front Cover

Music For The Morons is the first album released by the Swedish Skatepunk band Stoned . It was released in 1995 by Ampersand Records as a CD. It was re-released in North America by Onefoot and Subway Records. Today, this album is out of print in both, Europe and the United Sates.


  1. One Day [2:25]
  2. Cuestick Chavez [1:59]
  3. Big Dent [2:36]
  4. The Trooper [1:49]
  5. Pizza Pete [2:48]
  6. Fantasy Trip [2:03]
  7. Smile [2:03]
  8. Studman [2:44]
  9. Rock Song [1:49]
  10. Senor Couch [1:09]
  11. Disfigurative [1:50]
  12. Partyland [2:06]
  13. Crazy Dick [2:40]
  14. Jukebox Jim [1:52]

total running time: 29:49

All songs written by Bosse, all lyrics written by Magnus

Recording and productionEdit

Recording took place at Tonteknik in Sweden June 1995.


Arranged Stoned
Performed Stoned

Musical StyleEdit

Stoned 2

American Front Cover

On this Album,Stoned still plays Ska, but their sound slowly drifts in the skate punk direction.


MFTM was re-released by Onefoot and Subway Records in North America. The only difference was a different cover.