Overthrow - Canada

Overthrow was a five-piece skatepunk band from the area of Portneuf, Quebec, Canada.


They started in 1998. During their short time of existence, they had the chance to play with BigWig, Douglas and many other amazing skatepunk acts. They also recorded a song for one of the best punk compilation to have been released in Quebec : This Scene Has Been Built Together on Hard Fist Records. Overthrow were strongly influenced by the Swedish bands like Pridebowl, Adhesive, etc. I dont know exactly when the band disbanded but I think its somewhere around 2000. In 2006, the 2 brothers Sebastien Côté (bass) and Benoît Côté (drums) joined the band Crane where they played for a while. Overthrow unfortunately never released anything else than one compilation songs. (but WHAT a song!!) They also recorded 6 songs live in a studio but they were never released.


  • Samuel Jobin - Lead Vocal
  • Sebastien Côté - Bass
  • Benoît Côté - Drums
  • Dominik Bourque - Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Simon Barbeau - Guitar, Backing Vocals



  • Demo (Unreleased)


  • 1999 - This Scene Has Been Built Together (Hard Fist Records)
  • 2000 - Are You Still Punk Enough # 3 (Punx Without Mohawx)
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