Play Attenchon is a skatepunk band from Lima. Peru which after several members changes, has reeached a steady line up 2005.

Biography Edit

After a couple of demos, the band released their first full length CD titled, "La Ilusión Que Llevas", which was released locally and in Japan by Bells On Records in 2007.

The next year, Play Attenchon was a part of the 88 Fingers Louie tribute album, released by Eternalis Records (France). The band then embarked on a Peruvian tour with the Brazilian band Piron Heron, and in December 2008 traveled to Ecuador to play two shows.

In 2009, the band was a part of two splits. The first being "3-2-1 Skatepunk". A five-way-split featuring South American bands from different countries: Play Attenchon, No Big Deal, Bankrrota, 69 Segundos, and Bitter. It should be noted that this was Play Attenchon's last release to feature songs sung in Spanish. The second split was entitled, "Coalition", which was a four-way split featuring some of the more popular bands of Bells On Records: Actionmen, Forus and Hero Of Our Time. For this project, they mixed and mastered three songs at Blasting Room Studios in Colorado with producer, Bill Stevenson. Starting with this release, Play Attenchon started writing their lyrics in English.

In 2010, Play Attenchon was a part of another tribute album, the tribute to Belvedere, which was released by Bells On Records, covering the song, "The Only Problem With Wishful Thinking". This CD featured bands from around the globe, most with connections to Bells On Records.

Play Attenchon has achieved much local success, playing in many large festivals and haveshared the stage with a few bigger names in music, such as Propagandhi and Have Heart. They are now composing songs which will be part of their sophomore album.


Current Members

  • Alessandro Coluccelli - Drums
  • Lizardo Saenz - Guitar & Back Vocals
  • Jose Luis Vizarreta - Bass & Back Vocals
  • Mario Vizarreta - Guitar & Vocals

Discography Edit


  • La Ilusión Que Llevas (2007)


  • VA - Coalition (2009)
  • VA - 1, 2, 3... Skatepunk (2009)
  • VA - Tribute To Belvedere (2010)
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