Seven Hate was one of the first skatepunk bands in France, along with Burning Heads.

They formed in 1992 in Poitiers, during their 11 year career they released 5 studio albums and one rarities album, and numerous split records, one with Swedish legends Satanic Surfers.

The name Seven Hate is a play on the French word "Savonette" that means soapbar, also the slang word for a big brick of weed. During their career they went from pure fast skatepunk to a more melodic, mellower style from album to album.

Seven Hate officially disbanded in 2003, but since 2015 they occasionally play shows in France, so if you were too young back then, it's your chance to cross another legendary band off your bucket list!


Stephane - guitar

Jean-Marc - guitar

Greg - bass

Sebastien - drums, vocals


  • 1994 : The Weaning Day
  • 1995 : Homegrown
  • 1997 : Budded
  • 1999 : Is this Glen ?
  • 2000 : Some Fourteen or More Things Seven Hate Never Dared to Tell You
  • 2002 : Matching the Profile