From Left to RIght: Henrik,Bosse,Zenga,Andreas,Magnus

Stoned was a skate punk from Karlstad, Sweden, which existed from 1993 until today. Nowadays, it is not clear if the band still exists or they disbanned.


Stoned was founded in 1993 in Karlstad, Sweden. They were five school friend's and they formed the Band because there First Gig was already booked. Shortly after their beginning,they were signed to (Ampersand Records). They released their first E.P Partysongs in 1994 .They continued playing gigs. In 1995 they released their second E.P Fantasy Trip .A Musicvideo for Fantasy Trip was shot.Short after Fantasy Trip, they released their first Full Lenght Album Music For the Morons. This album was well recieved in Sweden and it was later re-released on One-Foot Records in North America. Two years later they released their second album Ed's Diner (Ampersand Records). Through the success of the album, they started to tour with Adhesive through Europe. In 1999 ,they released the collection Way Back in the Day (Ampersand Records). The Album contained their first EP's and their two singles. However, the collection lacks the songs Control and No Reason from the Pizza Pete (Ampersand Records) single. One year after that, they released their last album Stoned (Ampersand Records). The Album was not too well recieved because the Band slowed down and started to play more rock than punk. They toured after that and played their last to known gigs with Adhesive and other bands.

Years later, someone uploaded songs from an unknown album called Stoned IV on Youtube. There are rumours that these songs should have been released as an album, but Ampersand disbanned and the tapes got lost.


  • Zenga — Vocals
  • Magnus — Guitar
  • Andreas — Guitar
  • Bosse — Bass
  • Henrik — Drums (Other bands: The Higher Elevations)

Stoned's songwriting was mostly done by guitar player Magnus who also wrote the lyrics. The music was written by bass player Bosse. However, Zenga and Bosse also wrote some of the lyrics







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