Summerjack - Spearmint

Summerjack - Spearmint

Summerjack were a Skatepunk band from Boise, Idaho and later Orange County, California.


Summerjack formed in the mid-90's, releasing two albums through their own record label Good Thief Records: A Self-Titled CD in 1997 and "Three Chords And The Truth" in 1999. Afterward the two founding members re-located to Orange County, California to expose their sound to a larger scene. They found a new drummer and continued to play shows and tour. The band recorded a 5-song demo in Hollywood, CA in 2005 and went on hiatus shortly thereafter.



  • Self-Titled CD (1997--Good Thief Records)
  • Three Chords And The Truth CD (1999--Good Thief Records)
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