Toyfactory - Turku Skatepunk

Toyfactory is a melodic skate punk band from Finland.


After 6 years with only 3 shows played, TF returns with loads of new tunes; more hooks and catchy riffs than ever before. However still playing basically straight-forward mid-90's skatepunk. Past years involved in hardcore scene and playing in hc-bands can be heard as a slight heavy flavor in latest material. Stripped of all ska elements that used to appear before and consciously avoiding all mtv-pop-punk-crap. Cause that's the way they like it: fast and heavy.

TF is based in Turku, Finland; formed in september'95. For being more or less a first "real" band for its members, TF spent its first couple of years mostly by learning to play as a band. Increasing number of gigs in '97 brought more confidence into their performance, while skills improved show by show. TF became quite known in their hometown, most of all as an energetic live-act.


  • Jukka - guitar/vocals
  • Juho - bass
  • Pyssy - drums
  • Mankka (past member) - guitar/vocals (->may'97)


  • 1996 — Toyfactory [Demo-Tape]
  • 1997 — Toystories [Demo-Tape]
  • 1997 — Nothing To Say [MCD]
  • 2004 — 7 Reasons To Quit For Good [CD-R] (Don't know if they really released it?)


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